Computer Key Restructuring

Redundancies - down-sizing and cost savings

Reducing costs is not all about reducing head count. Cost savings can be made by being creative with the current work force, streamlining processes and out-sourcing some of the functions. The “people” challenges in business vary depending on your organization and the flexibility you are seeking to make any changes. Sometimes managers do not have the confidence to have difficult conversations or have the expertise and knowledge to ensure a legal process is followed, that is where we can help to ensure you stay within the legal boundaries and do not expose your business to potential expensive employment tribunal costs.

Organisations recruit good staff and as the business changes the employee’s roles sometimes change, if this happens we can help you vary the contract to meet the business needs without making the employee redundant.  Covid has changed the world and with furlough being extended until September 2021, you may be considering changing the structure and roles within the business, let us help you achieve that with little disruption to the business as possible and without legal costs.

So what happens when “furlough” ends in September? Can the business continue as before and allow everyone back or do you need to make some small or dramatic changes….planning ahead is important and RCS HR Consultancy can help you achieve your end goal… and keep within the boundaries of the law

Flexible Working Requests

With the recent pandemic, people around the world have “taken stock of their lives” and are now looking to work more flexibly, which would result in a variation of contract. All employees who have worked for the business for 26 weeks, are considered an “employee” and have not made a request within the last 12 months, and are a “parent”, “carer” or returning from maternity leave can make a request.

Whilst employees can apply for flexible working, there is no automatic right to be provided with this, the organisation, can provide business reasons to decline a flexible working request.  However, care needs to be taken when declining a request as there is a potential exposure to a discrimination case, which, if taken to an employment tribunal and is substantiated, could cost the company an “unlimited” amount of money

We can steer you through the complexities of these requests whilst keeping within the law and not exposing the business to a potential discrimination case.


Disciplinary/Grievances – Settlements

For small to medium sized businesses this topic is the most complex and one that most get wrong which leads to seriously expensive and time-consuming litigation.  One of the major steps within this process is an in-depth investigation that is carried out prior to any action being taken.  Most organisations fail to spend adequate time investigating the matter before taking the action, and this leads to complex and difficult disciplinary meetings that expose the company to potential litigation.

Having a robust disciplinary and grievance policy in place is the first step, followed by “how to conduct an investigation thoroughly and objectively”. These are the important steps before you arrive at the disciplinary meeting.  The disciplinary procedure is a formal process and anyone conducting the meeting should be confident and have the expertise to understand the legislation on what they can or cannot say.  Most employees choose to be represented at a disciplinary meeting by a fellow employee…however they can be represented by a Trade Union Representative.  This situation can be very daunting for a small business owner who does not have the expertise to undertake such a difficult meeting.  RCS HR Consultancy can help you with the disciplinary meeting and either conduct it on your behalf or take you through step by step.  You are not alone….we can help you with a  “protected conversation” and possibly a settlement which would result in an amicable way of parting company without litigation and the cost…and no employment tribunal.

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