HR Consultancy

To develop and improve on her current skills Rose-marie has just completed a four year post graduate degree course in employment law and can offer advice or provide a “hands on” approach on all aspects of employment law.

Maternity pay and leave – when a member of staff advises you that she is pregnant do you know what to do, what are the legal requirements as an employer? Pregnant employees are entitled to 52 weeks’ statutory maternity leave. The first two weeks following the birth must be taken or 4 weeks if employed in a factory.

Flexible working -The Employment Rights Act 1996 allow all employers the statutory right to apply for flexible working as long as they have 26 week’s continuous employment with one employer, do you know how to deal with a request? It can be advantage having a policy in place to cover this, so its transparent that all employees are treated consistently.

Employee handbook is the backbone of any good company, let’s us help shape yours, is it up to date and are the policies and procedures relevant
Disciplinary and Grievance meetings – before you arrive at this stage of the process a thorough investigation should be carried out, we can provide the detailed and independent skills and experience to help you with this. We are then able to follow through with the disciplinary/grievance meeting by working in conjunction with you or as your Interim HR Manager on site

TUPE “Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 as amended by the “Collective Redundancies and Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment((Amendment) Regulations 2014. TUPE rules apply to all organisations regardless of size. So whether you are the outgoing employer or the incoming employer there will be an impact. RCS can help and advise you with this and lessen the risk to the remaining or the new business.

Payroll audit – An audit of payroll should take place as part of the normal business operations on a regular basis. When you consider the payment of employees probably equates to 50%-60% of your outgoings it’s important to make sure its correct and that you are paying the minimum wage, and only active employees are paid the correct rate for the hours worked.

Contract of Employment or a written statement of terms – which one? A contract of employment is an agreed contract between the employee and employer setting out the relationship. A written statement of terms is a letter from the employer offering a position and indicating the terms on which the employee will be employed this needs to be provided within two months of starting work