Psychometric Testing

Whether you are looking to evaluate candidates, match them to jobs or help people understand each other or if you wish to create an effective team dynamic then RCS have the perfect solution.

We are fully SHL qualified to administer web based links and provide valuable feedback on psychometric testing to assess candidates’ abilities. If required, we can put together and run assessment centres for senior recruitment positions.

RCS are able to provide psychometric tests and pre-employment assessments for all candidates regardless of the positions they are applying for, as we can adapt the solution to fit the business need.

For more commercial sales roles the SHL verbal and numerical testing would be appropriate to identify the candidates level of commerciality. These are timed tests and produce a result, so then you can decide on the level required and the percentile which is considered a “pass mark” so you hire the people that fit with your requirements

For majority of positions the right “team and culture” fit are extremely important and difficult to assess at interview so why not ask the candidate to complete an OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire). If a candidate has the right attitude and team fit, but their technical skills are not at the level required you can train the person in those skills, unfortunately you cannot change a personality.

By using psychometric testing you can avoid making mistakes during the hiring process and reduce your employee turnover costs by focussing on better quality candidates.